• Boosting Privacy – Window Film Foils Those Prying Eyes

    Posted on November 20, 2014 by in Window Film Installation, Window Film Installation, Window Tinting Installers

    People tint their windows for a variety of reasons. They do it for UV protection, to lower energy consumption, and to boost security for their home or office. With a privacy window film, you can also keep nosy-parkers out of your business, peeping toms frustrated, and reconnoitering characters foiled. If you find having curtains and blinds cumbersome, installing window films makes a whole lot of sense. 2010-12-06-11.21.59   What are the different kinds of privacy window film you can use to turn those prying eyes away?

    • Frosted film – This gives your windows a faux etched glass look. Many homeowners are leery about actually getting etched glass because they may change their mind about it later and then simply find themselves stuck with it, unless they’re willing to pay to have new panes installed. By using window film, you can affordably indulge what may turn out to be a temporary aesthetic preference. Frosted window film comes in varying strengths, from the merest hint of a fog to completely opaque. The more private you are, of course, the stronger the opacity of your film. If you like natural light to come in through your windows without them being see-through, this kind of film is perfect for your windows.
    • Mirrored film – The edge of this kind of film over frosted film is that you on the inside can enjoy a see-through window without providing those on the outside with the same privilege. This is a great option for those who want to enjoy watching the comings and goings in the neighborhood without letting others know about it. Of course, this one-way mirror property is only effective in the daytime, so you’ll need to draw some shades at night to keep those outside from being able to see in.
    • Patterned film – It depends on the design. It’s possible to have certain portions obscured and other areas clear. You can also go for a stained glass effect, which definitely adds another dimension to the visual interest of your windows. The design possibilities are endless, and it’s up to you to come up with your criteria for choosing. Do you want lots of light coming in? Do you want to simply limit what the outside can see and not totally obscure?

    Window films may seem easy to install, but those who are not experienced can easily botch the job. It’s best to have it done correctly, neatly, and quickly by professionals so you do not end up with wasted film or imperfections like bubbles.  

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