Measuring Tips

How to measure your Window Glass

In order for us to give you a more accurate quick estimate, we need some information from you about your window(s):


Window Panes:

When measuring window panes, you don’t need to measure all the panes. Measure one and the include the number of panes, your measurements only need to include Width and Length, in that order. Unless the panes are of different shapes and sizes.




Regular Window:

Measurements should include Width and Length in that order.


Measuring_2     Measuring_3


Make sure to include Measurements, number of windows and/ or panes. If the window is single, double, or triple pane. Also what do you need the film for:

Heat Reduction, Glare, Fade Reduction, Child Proofing, or Safety and Security.

If you have a window that has an awkward shape like a rhombus, triangle, hexagon, etc., give us a call to assure exact measurements.



The type of film you select will determine the cost, this process is an estimate. For accurate estimates, give us a call or email us to schedule a consultation. A few minutes with our on-site consultant, you will be able to ask any questions and visually compare the different films to better meet your needs.