Residential Window Tinting

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Why Use Residential Window Film?

With today’s modern Los Angeles homes being built with an abundance of glass, the need for Home Window Film was never greater, not only does it provide UV protection from the sun’s damaging rays but it also reduces the sun’s radiant heat from entering your home through the glass. Our patented films can reject up to 84% of solar energy. Dramatically reducing the temperature of a home, which can help reduce cost of energy consumption on those hot Los Angeles days.

Residential Window Tinting
Residential Window Tinting
Tinted Windows Protects Your Los Angeles Home’s Interior

We love the view glass provides but unfortunately we have many issues from unprotected glass:

  1. Large windows create a problem with the suns heat entering your home, increasing the interiors temperature
  2. The sun’s damaging UV rays fade your carpet, rugs, wall coverings and damages woodwork, wood floors, artwork and window treatment
  3. Glare makes it difficult to watch TV or work on your computer as well as cause additional damage to any surface reflecting glare touches.


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 Window Tinting


Safety/ Security:

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics’ Criminal Victimisations report for the 2010 year, there were nearly 3 million Household Burglaries in the United States and  Los Angeles is certainly not an exception. Window film can help protect from burglaries by keeping the glass in place. On a report by the Department of Homeland Security from FEMA, FEMA stated, blast guard window film can mitigate the risk of shattered glass caused by a bomb, hurricane-force wind, or earthquake, as well as reflect heat from the sun through reflective tinting that lowers energy costs for air conditioning and improves the building environment. (Department of Homeland Security: FEMA’s Progress in All-Hazards Mitigation, October 2009).


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