About Us

1976 – Daniel Villamil was employed by an automotive tinting company located in Southern California.
1978 – Daniel Villamil stepped in into entrepreneur shoes and started his own tinting company; Local Dealerships, Contractors, Commercial Buildings and Residential Properties contracted
1981 – Daniel Villamil moved to Hawaii on the island of Oahu. Services provided to commercial, residential, cruise ships, SS Constitution and SS Independence.
1988 – Daniel Villamil moved back to Souther California
1990 – Daniel Villamil let go of 3 auto tinting shops in the bay area and focused directly on commercial and residential projects
2000(s) – Sat on the Board of Directors of the International Window Film Association (IWFA) for 3 years.
Today – Daniel Villamil brings the finest window tint product to commercial and residential clientele. Sharing the knowledge and expertise of over 30 years, Daniel Villamil remains hands on owner operator bringing the