Decorative Films


Decorative window film allows interior designers to incorporate texture, color and pattern into new or existing buildings without the mess and disruption of remodeling. Solutia’s Performance Films Division, the manufacturer of Vistaâ„¢ window film, offers a complete line of decorative window films in a variety of hues and patterns sold through its network of authorized dealers.

Combine your design skills and creativity with the flexibility of decorative films and the possibilities are endless.


Frosted films add a touch of elegance to a room or office. With a verity of options, frosted films can give maximum privacy while minimally reducing the level of light that enters the room. Frosted films, like most come in a verity of colors and textures to fit the need of the style.



Textured films are excellent for complimenting a room and are a favorite of some interior designers. This type of films aside from having a vast array of pattern choices can be made custom to fit your need.

Custom Designs & Decorations:

Custom design and decorations can be made in just about any type of design or style, to fit any window of any size and in any color.



Lettering is a strictly custom job, which means that we can do absolutely anything. We can meet the needs of just about anyone.


Decorative Films


Decorative Films