Film Info

Glare and Solar Control:

Reflective films have a special coating that give the outside a mirror like finish that allows them to reflect the energy from the sun.


Non-reflective film absorbs heat and other energy that comes from the sun, rather than reflecting it.


Dual Reflective:

Dual Reflective Films are those that inside and outside surfaces have different light reflectance values. The outside helps reflect heat while the inside helps reduce reflection of artificial light at night.


Low Emissivity:

Low Emissivity films (Low E) are those with improved far infrared reflection with the ability to reduce winter heat loss through windows



Ceramics are film that has proprietary metals and ceramic layers that provide superior heat rejection and moderate glare control. With extremely low reflectivity for both inside and outside.


Spectrally Selective:

The reason that these films are called spectrally selective is because of their ability to block invisible light that is closer to the infrared part of the solar spectrum. They allow light transmission while dramatically reducing solar heat gain.



Privacy films are the best at protecting from the harmful radiation of the sun. By reflecting, obscuring, or blocking out all or most of the light transmitted through windows.