• Why it’s a Good Idea to Get Residential Window Tinting — Los Angeles Homeowners Weigh In

    Posted on August 12, 2014 by in Home Window Tinting Services, Residential Window Tinting Company, Window Tinting Installers

    Windows are some of the most important features of any home. They allow residents to view the outside world from a protected spot within their property — through windows, they can watch sunrises and sunsets unfold, they can savor much-welcomed gusts of wind during searing summer days, and they can catch a glimpse of the hustle and bustle in the neighborhood just by parting the curtains for a brief second.   However, there are also instances wherein homeowners would appreciate a little less of the visibility and transparency provided by windows. Sure, they can have drapes or blinds attached to provide a certain level of privacy or protection from light and heat for a specific room, but these can only offer a temporary fix at best. Residential Window Tinting Los Angeles And because of these, many families opt to take their response to this dilemma up a notch by turning to residential window tinting. Los Angeles homeowners agree that tints have an edge over traditional curtains and other window coverings, especially in addressing the following problems:   Windows let in too much light. While natural light coming in through the window is desired by many because it saves homeowners from having to turn the lights on inside a room for extended periods, there’s often the problem of light that’s too bright. However, some would not want to completely obstruct their view of the outside. Tints would be the perfect solution — they decrease the brightness coming in through the window (without needing curtains), while still allowing people inside to enjoy a clear view of the outdoors.   Excessive heat coming in through the window can damage property and even health. It’s no secret that sunlight, even when filtered by window glass, is harmful when it comes into prolonged contact with the skin. Also, the sun’s UV rays can cause colors to fade — definitely not good news if the sunlight streaming in touches carpets, artwork, wall coverings, wood floors, and window coverings. Special films can reject up to 84 percent of solar energy, reducing the temperatures in a room and protecting against UV rays.   Bright light causes glare on television and computer monitors, so rooms need to be laid out a certain way. It’s refreshing to change up the furniture arrangement and interior design of your house’s rooms periodically, but there’s nothing much you can do about your TVs and computer monitors — they will always have to be facing away from the windows to prevent glare caused by the light. With window tints, you won’t have to worry about that anymore — you can change the position of your screens since glare is no longer an issue, and this could mean maximizing the space in your home.

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