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    Posted on September 21, 2014 by in Blog, Window Film Installation, Window Tinting Contractors

    Window tinting are not just for cars. You can do it for your home and office, too. Installing these additional features to your residential or commercial property will provide you with extra security from prying eyes, protection from harsh sunlight and reduction of glare, and lower energy bills. Some window tints even enhance the overall design of a building, giving it a consistent appearance. Frosted+film+in+an+office+with+a+view With the number of benefits to be had from window tinting, Los Angeles property owners should know that they would have a variety of options, from the type of tints to design. Here are some of the choices you could have for your window films.   Dyed Window Tints Dyed window tints are designed to protect your interior space from the impact of the sun’s harsh UV rays. (UV rays not only cause skin problems but they will also, over time, damage your furniture and flooring, letting them fade much faster). This type of window tint is treated on one side with mounting adhesive and then scratch-resistant coating on the other. It is also the most affordable of all tints.   Since dyed window tints trap the heat in the glass, and then dissolve it through movement of the air outside, there may be a tendency for glass breakage; heat can increase the stress on certain windows. So it would be wise to know how your window glass absorbs and transmits heat before getting window tints installed, and to consult with your tint installer about glass breakage on certain windows.   Metalized Window Films The polyester base of this film is applied with different varieties of metals, like bronze or silver. This type of tint enhances your privacy during the day. The advanced version of this window tint is called sputtered window tint. This technology allows 25 to 30 types of metals to be used. Sputtering also allows for different levels of light and invisible UV light entering the product keep you years your space. If you want this sort of tint, you may have to spend more money.   Decorative Window Tints Another kind of window tint you might want to add for your office or place of business is the decorative window tint. Decorative films can come in textured, patterned, and frosted designs — each giving your commercial space a distinctly eye-catching and stylish character.   Decorative films not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your office or establishment. But it can also reinforce privacy in certain spaces, like meeting rooms, while still accomplishing a kind of open-space plan.

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