Safety & Security

Safety/ Security

These films come in a variety of gauges, each to serve a purpose. At its thinnest, 2mil can be used to protect glass on window panes, so that in the event of an earthquake the glass will shatter but the pieces will remain attached to the film and prevent damage that could ruin a possibly be very valuable piece of art, floor and personel; Likewise it may also be used to protect art inside glass cases of museum type displays. The main purpose of these films is to prevent glass debris from flying all over the place, reducing injury to exposed skin and damage to valuables. In the event of an earth quake the film will do the same for large windows on all glass fronts of Office Buildings, Hotels, Schools…etc. There are some Business owners who choose to use 6mil safety film as an anti-graffiti film being that is 50% thicker than 4mil. Other films are available for Smash and Grab, and Explosion Resistant Film. On a report by the Department of Homeland Security from FEMA, FEMA stated, blast guard window film can mitigate the risk of shattered glass caused by a bomb, hurricane-force wind, or earthquake, as well as reflect heat from the sun through reflective tinting that lowers energy costs for air conditioning and improves the building environment. (Department of Homeland Security: FEMA’s Progress in All-Hazards Mitigation, October 2009)