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    Posted on October 1, 2014 by in Residential Window Tinting Company

    How do you create a home you want to live in for several years? You arrange a http://buycialischeap-storein.com/ layout that works for you and your family. You invest in furniture and appliances that you’ll need. You’ll buy artwork and other decorative items that reflect your personal taste. And once you have everything you need and want, can you then say your home has achieved the kind of comfort and convenience you had in mind?   Residential-Window-tinting-contractors   If your answer is a “Well…” with a tilt of the head, then something is obviously still missing. And that something may just be adding window tints.   Residential window tinting, Los Angeles residents might want to know, offers more than just heat reduction, especially for properties that feature floor-to-ceiling windows. Yes, natural light is best for any home. But not when that light comes with intense UV rays, which damage furniture, flooring, and other things in your home that easily fade as well as put you at risk for skin cancer.  

    The right kind of window tint also provides sufficient privacy. Whether you’re a very private individual or a celebrity, privacy is not something you want to skimp on. You’ll want to keep your nosy neighbors out of your business or the persistent paparazzi from getting any visual access to your home. You should tell your window tints expert the degree of privacy you want before choosing a particular type of film to install.   In addition to privacy, window tints also keep you and your family safe from shattered glass. Safety film on your windows prevents them from shattering and thus letting glass fly all over your home. The best safety film works well during earthquakes and even explosions.   Reduced utility bills. Added comfort. Better privacy. More safety. All of this is good but what if you want more from window tints? Well, you can get more by going with high-end tints that use cutting-edge technology — like ceramic film and decorative window tints.   Ceramic film uses special materials that not only block the sun’s harmful UV rays and reduce glare. But it also gives you a full view of your outdoor space. So you get a perfectly clear view of your beautiful lawn or backyard, without the sun’s glare.   Meanwhile, decorative window tints are perfect for conveying your unique style. This type of tint can come in frosted, patterned, and textured designs. You can go with abstract images or go with graphic letters — whatever you choose depends on what sort of look you’re going for with your home.

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